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Overview of CCAs - (CCA) Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to operated by Color Card Administrator, Corp. (CCA). The following detailed policy below is a legal document.

CCA is dedicated to managing and maintaining your privacy as described in this document.

CCA has several websites. Each website has its own rules pertaining to how your data is managed. The rules for CCA are outlined in this Privacy Policy and other related documents.

This policy pertains to only and explains what information CCA gathers, how they use it, who can access it, and what CCA may or may not do with it.


Color Card Administrator, Corp. (CCA) is committed to safeguarding your personal information as outlined in this document. This Privacy Statement pertains only to the customers of and explains how CCA collects, uses, and discloses your personal information collected from their CCA website. This Privacy Statement applies to the website and its associated subdomains (collectively, its "Products and Services"), as well as CCAs API and App. By accessing or using CCA Website, API, or APP you acknowledge that you have read, comprehended, and agree to the described collection, storage, use, and disclosure of your personal information as outlined in this Privacy Policy and CCAs Terms of Service.


Every time these terms are used in this Privacy Policy, they are defined as follows:

Cookie: Website-generated data saved by your browser. It identifies your browser, provides analytics, and remembers your language and login information.

Company: Color Card Administrator, Corp. i.e., in short CCA

Country: United States, where Color Card Administrator, Corp. is based.

Users: The firm, organisation, or person that uses the Color Card Administrator, Corp. Service to manage consumer or service user interactions.

Device: Any internet-connected phone, tablet, computer, or other device that can access Color Card Administrator, Corp.

Ip address: Every Internet-connected gadget has an IP address. Geographic blocks assign these numbers. An IP address can identify a device's Internet connection location.

Personnel: Refers to Color Card Administrator, Corp. employees or contractors.

Personal Data: Any information that directly, indirectly, or in combination with other information identifies a natural person.

Service: Color Card Administrator, Corp. service as defined in its terms and on this platform.

Third-party service: Advertisers, contest sponsors, promotional and marketing partners, and others who offer our content or whose products or services may interest you.

Website: Color Card Administrator, Corp.s listed website is: - i.e., in short ECD.


There are three sections that make up this policy:


This section explains how CCA website collects and utilises information about Users of CCA website as well as anybody else who contacts CCA via the Contact Us forms published on or connected to CCA website.


This section explains how CCA website handles data you share when using their CCA website and services.


This section covers subjects pertinent to Parts A and B, as well as broader topics including CCAwebsitesecurity pledges and how you will be notified of Privacy Policy changes.



CCA will NEVER Sell or Share any Personal or Business information gathered on CCA website. CCA only discloses your information as necessary and as described in this Privacy Policy and in the Terms and Conditions policy.

CCA collects information from you when you sign-up on our their websites, place an order, subscribe to a newsletter, respond to a survey, or fill out a form.

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Company Name
  • Phone Number
  • Cell Number
  • Inquiry
  • Want a sample Kit
  • Mailing/Billing Address
  • City
  • State
  • Country

Your name, address, credit card number and possibly other information are required when you place an order. To prevent fraud, CCA keeps all saved credit cards in a secured 3rd party vault. Most Credit Card orders do not have any Credit Card information stored at all. If Credit Card Information needs to be stored, the credit card number itself is not stored by CCA. CCA uses to store credit card related details. To know more regarding the privacy policy of you may visit

It is possible that CCA may record and analyse your interactions with them via e-mail, telephone or chat to improve their service to you and other customers.

Data that CCA automatically collects with CCA:

When you visit the CCA website, CCA gathers information from browsers, devices, and servers, such as the IP address, browser type, language preference, time zone, referring URL, date and time of access, operating system, mobile device manufacturer, and mobile network information. CCA uses log files to learn about website visitors.

Cookies help identify users and improve their experience. CCA uses cookies, tags, scripts, and other similar technologies to identify visitors, track website navigation, gather demographic information about visitors and users. See CCAs Cookie Policy for more information on what Cookies are used and how you may manage them.

You can remove non-essential cookies by opting out of our privacy policy via this link. In addition browsers provide an option to remove all data storage for all sites, or a specific site, in their preferences. You can look this up in your browsers help menu options.

Information That CCA Does Not Gather:

Physical, physiological, mental health status, sexual orientation, medical records, or biometric information are not collected by CCA.


Any of the information CCA collect from you may be used in one of the following ways:

  • To make your experience more tailored (our information helps us to better respond to our individual needs).
  • To enhance the CCA website (depending on the data and input we receive from you, CCA works to improve websites services).
  • To better serve users (Your data enables CCA to adequately address service requests from and support requirements from our users).
  • To handle financial transactions.
  • To detect and prevent fraudulent transactions, unlawful acts, spam, and protect CCA users.
  • To request surveys or feedback on the CCA website.
  • To contact users (by email, phone, or text) about CCAs websites and services. and / or updates to this Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, or other relevant notices.


Use the 'unsubscribe' function to stop receiving newsletters and other non-essential materials. You will continue to receive account notifications such as password change, reminders, security issue alerts, security and privacy update notifications, and transactional and payment-related emails.

You have the option to disable most cookies before browsing our websites. If you do, some website functions may not work properly.


Using CCAs services or when asking for technical support for CCA products and services, you entrust to CCA any information that you own and share. While using the CCA websites and services, data may be stored on their servers or sent to them to receive technical help or other services.


Your rights to edit or correct CCA collected information depends on your connection with the company. According to CCA business policy, employees may update or correct information on your behalf.

CCA may ask for a password to access your profile or make changes. A permanent copy of your data may exist within CCA servers since they routinely create backups to protect against data loss. After receiving your request to make changes to your data, CCA will promptly correct, amend, change, or delete your data stored in CCA active databases and other easily retrievable media.


When you place a purchase, enter, submit, or access your personal information, CCA applies a variety of security procedures. Secure server protocol is provided. All given sensitive/credit information is transported using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and subsequently encrypted into CCAs Payment gateway providers database, where only those with particular access privileges can view it.



CCA does not knowingly collect personal information from minors under 18 or the age of majority in the jurisdiction from which the Website is accessed. CCA does not contact minors. It is CCAs policy not to gather personal information from minors. Parents and guardians who believe their children may have provided CCA with Personal Data should get in touch with CCA. If CCA learnsthey have collected Personal Data from a minor without parental consent, CCA will remove it.


CCA works hard to keep your information secure. Physical, electronic, and managerial methods help to safeguard and prevent unwanted access and maintain data security. Nobody, not even encryption technology, is foolproof. Intentional crimes, blunders, and policy violations are all possible. CCA makes reasonable attempts to protect your personal information but cannot guarantee it. You agree that intentional wrongdoing will be used to gauge CCAs compliance to protect your personal information.


In compliance with this Privacy Policy, CCA has chosen a Data Security Officer to oversee our management of your personal information. You can contact CCAs Data Security Officer at IT Security Team, if you have any questions or issues regarding CCAs Privacy Policies.


As part of the "Do Not Track" (DNT) feature, some internet browsers allow you to send out a signal (known as the DNT signal) that tells web servers to stop tracking you. A standard for what websites can or should do when they receive these signals currently does not exist. CCAs response to these signals is now inactive.




CCA may release personal information and service data to a third party to prevent fraud, filter spam, investigate suspected criminal behaviour, enforce our agreements or regulations, or safeguard our users' safety.


In the event CCA sells, gets purchased, or merges, CCA will make every reasonable attempt to see that the acquiring organisation notifies you of any changes to any of its agreement with you. CCAs goal will be to contact you by email or a visible notice on their website of changes.


Without regard to its rule on conflict of laws, United States law governs this privacy statement. Any action or disagreement between the parties arising from or in connection with this privacy policy shall be decided by the courts, except for those who may be eligible to make claims under the Privacy Shield or the Swiss-US framework. Use of the websites is subject to this Agreement are governed by US law, excluding its rules on conflicts of law. Your use of the websites may also be governed by other rules and regulations at the local, state, national, or international level. You agree to this Privacy Policy by using CCAs website or getting in touch with CCA directly. You shouldn't use the CCA website or interact with CCA if you disagree with this privacy statement. You agree to the modifications if you use the CCA website, communicate with CCA directly, or utilise CCAs services.


If you register an account with CCA website, use the CCA website, or purchase something from CCA website, you agree to the terms of CCAs Privacy Policy.


CCA may make use of remarketing services. Remarketing (or retargeting) is the practise of serving ads across the internet to people who have previously visited CCA website. It allows CCA to follow you around the internet by serving advertisements to you on the websites and platforms you frequent.


CCA may change their Service and practises, therefore CCA may need to update thisPrivacy Statement. Unless required by law, CCA will not notify you (for example, through their Service) before making changes to this Privacy Policy. Using the CCA Website binds you to the amended Privacy Policy. You can remove your account if you don't agree to the Privacy Policy.


Google Analytics lets us track and analyse website traffic. These service gives CCA online analytics and reporting features that can help us convert visitors into customers. Google Analytics collects information that is held in accordance with its Privacy Policy.

Cookies help CCA improve the speed and operation of their websites and apps.Refer to CCAs Cookie Policies for more information.

YYour previous visits to CCA website are tracked through the usage of "Sessions," a CCA term. Your web browser saves a little amount of data called a Session to your computer or mobile device.


CCA takes all reasonable measures to see that the personal information you give is used in accordance with this Privacy Policy, including regular checks. Please contact IT Security Team if you have any questions about CCAs compliance with this Privacy Policy or how CCA utilises your personal information. To properly resolve your worries, CCA will get in touch with you and, if necessary, work with the relevant regulatory bodies.


The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compels CCA to make the disclosures they have made above on the kinds of personal information CCA collects, how they use it, the sources from which they obtain it, and the third parties with whom it is shared.

It is CCAs obligation to inform you of the legal rights that apply to the inhabitants of California. You have the following rights:

  • Right to Disclosure Information must be given to the CCPA-protected user data at or before data collection from the user.

  • Right to Access - Users can request easily accessible information. These is free and given to the user within 45 days of request. Our comprehensive privacy policy is easily accessible.

  • Right to Contact Information - Users can discover our privacy policy and CCPA compliance activities. We offer a toll-free number and online contact information if a user wants to exercise their CCPA rights.

  • Right to be Forgotten - Under the CCPA, we will remove a user's personal data covered under the CCPA law whenever requested.

  • Opt-out of Data Sales and Marketing - Opting out of the sale of users' personal information will be an option. To comply with the legislation, we will include an opt-out option on our websites, preferably linked to our privacy policy page. Additionally, users can choose not to have their data used for future marketing efforts.

  • Right to Fair Treatment - If users exercise their CCPA rights, CCA will not discriminate against or treat any person differently. Access and service must be equal for all users, no matter what rights they hold.

  • Periodic Privacy Policy Updates - Every year, CCA will review and may update their privacy policy. In this way, users will be aware of any changes, how CCA collects, sells, processes, or otherwise handles users data.

Information As a business, CCA collects and processes data:

Sl. No Category Examples Collected Disclosure Sell
A Identifiers. A true name, an alias, a postal address, a unique personal identifier, an online identifier, an Internet Protocol address, an email address, an account name, a Social Security number, a driver's licence number, a passport number, or other similar identifiers. Yes No No
B Personal information listed under Cal. Civ. Code 1798.80(e). Name, signature, Social Security number, physical description, driver's licence or state identification card number, address, phone number, passport number, driver's licence or other state identification number, insurance policy number, education, employment history, and any other financial, medical, or health insurance information. This category of personal data contains certain items that may also be found in other categories. No No No
C Protected classification characteristics under California or federal law. Age (over 40), race, colour, ancestry, national origin, citizenship, religion or creed, marital status, medical condition, physical or mental disability, sex (including gender, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy or childbirth, and related medical conditions), sexual orientation, veteran or military status, genetic information (including familial genetic information). No No No
D Commercial Information. Records of personal property, goods or services acquired, considered, or purchased, as well as other consumption patterns or buying histories. No No No
E Biometric Information. Fingerprints, faceprints, and voiceprints, iris or retina scans, keystroke, gait, or other bodily patterns, and sleep, health, or exercise data can be utilised to extract a template or other identifier or identifying information. No No No
F Internet or other similar network activity. Browsing history, search history, and information about a consumer's interaction with a website, application, or advertisement are all examples of data. Yes No No
G Geolocation data. Physically situated or moving No No No
H Sensory data. Information that is audible, electronic, optical, thermal, olfactory, or similar. No No No
I Professional or employment-related information. Job history, either recent or old, or performance reviews. No No No
J Non-public education information. Education records directly related to a student include grades, transcripts, class lists, student schedules, student identification codes, student financial information, and student disciplinary records. These records are kept by an educational institution or a third party on its behalf. No No No
K Inferences drawn from other personal information. A person's preferences, traits, psychological tendencies, predispositions, behaviour, attitudes, IQ, skills, and aptitudes are all reflected in their profile. No No No

If you would like to exercise any of these rights, please contact CCA Support.


Don't hesitate to contact CCA if you have any questions.

-Via website: Contact Us